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Idifarma invests in UPLC Waters equipment

June 2015

Recently, Idifarma has acquired a new chromatographic system which is added to the already extense list of equipment it owns in the analytical development laboratory

In this case, it is a Waters Acquity UPLC H-Class system.

Advantages of this new equipment are mainly based on the high pressure it works at, higher than the pressure of standard HPLC equipment.

Compared to a HPLC chromatograph, working sensitiveness is higher, offering higher resolution.

Given the faster sample analysis of this equipment, time spent on a development can be highly reduced, as well as the consumption of dissolvent.

Moreover, it is relatively easy to transfer into this equipment those methods previously developed for HPLC and then, take advantage of this new chromatograph.

This new equipment can be used for improving already existent analytical methods, as well as for developing new faster and more sensitive methods.

With this new acquisition, Idifarma keeps on investing in the improvement of its facilities and equipment, in order to offer new solutions to the demands of the clients.

Last Updated on Thursday, 24 September 2015 14:46