Spray Drying Technology

Low solubility and low bioavailability problems are more and more frequent today in pharmaceutical development projects, and that is why IDIFARMA invested in Spray Drying as a suitable technological solution.

We have a complete Spray Drying suite comprised of a lab-scale Buchi B290 and a pilot-scale Gea Niro Mobile Minor. With this equipment, we can provide our clients a comprehensive solution to solubility, stability and bioavailability problems from formulation to scale-up production applying technologies such as micro-encapsulation, amorphization or co-precipitation.

Among the many pharmaceutical applications of Spray Drying technologies, we can highlight the following:

  • • Modification of particle size and morphology
  • • Drying suspensions
  • • Particle coating
  • • Manufacturing of microcapsules and microparticles
  • • Stability enhancement for peptides, proteins and antibodies
  • • Controlled release
  • • Taste masking

Spray Drying technologies are suitable for different target molecules, such as small molecules, peptides, proteins and nucleic acids, providing a number of important advantages in front of alternative technologies:

  • • Scaleable and cost-effective technique
  • • Rapid, continuous, repeatable process
  • • Control of particle size and morphology
  • • Ability to handle temperature-sensitive molecules
  • • Providing enhanced solubility, stability and bioavailability

The synergies that originate in IDIFARMA as a result of our experience and capabilities in pharmaceutical formulation, analytical and process development enhance the advantages provided by Spray Drying technology and ensure a seamless transition from laboratory to industrial manufacturing, optimizing project times and quality while minimizing costs and risks.

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