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Acquisition of new flow-through cell dissolution apparatus

November 2013

In our aim of offering the best technological options to the projects of our clients, we recently have extended the instruments of the department of analytical development, investing in two Erweka dissolution apparatus, one of them with flow-through cells.

Such apparatus has 6 flow cells and it is standardized in pharmacopeias as apparatus 4 for dissolution studies. This equipment is added to the apparatus class 1 and 2 that we were already own (basket and paddles).

With the new equipment, we are able to study oral solid forms changing continuously the dissolution media adding also a more homogeneous flow. It allows us working even with variable volumes.

In the words of Ángel Ursúa, Idifarma’s Technical Director and QP, “the new flow-through cell dissolution apparatus provides us many advantages against the already available apparatus in our analytical development laboratory. With it, we will have more available options to study products with low solubility, and it will help us with extended release products. In conclusion, it will give us more flexibility at the moment of taking decisions during a development.”

Idifarma performs an intensive use of the analytical equipment, like the dissolution apparatus, in the activities of set up and validation of analytical methods, as well as in performing dissolution analysis during stability studies, quality controls, in vitro comparative studies, etc.

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