Formulation laboratory


Equipped for formulating and manufacturing process design in accordance with cGMP conditions for different dosage forms and delivery systems.


  • • Development of oral solid dosage forms: Erweka LK-5 granulator, single-pot Lleal MGR5 high-speed granulator (1-2 Kg capacity), mixing equipment, excentric tablet press, FETTE 1200iC rotary tablet press, Oystar Manesty XL Lab 01 tablet coater, with interchangeable perforated drums (1 to 20 Kg capacity).
  • • Development of liquid and semi-solid formulations: Solutions, suspensions, syrups, creams and gels preparation systems.
  • • Development of injectables: Preparation of vials, Telstar Cryodos 80 laboratory freeze-dryer.
  • • Development of transdermal patches: Elcometer 3580 Film Applicator.
  • • Spray Drying equipment: Spray Dryer Buchi B-290, Spray Dryer GEA Niro Mobile Minor (pilot-scale).
  • • Telstar Cytostar biological safety cabinets for handling high potency substances.
  • • Equipment control: Mettler Toledo balances, Erweka TBH 30 hardness tester, Erweka TA10 friability tester, Erweka ZT71 tablet disintegration tester, Brookfield DV-II + Pro viscometer, Dr. Schleuniger JV2000 tapped density tester, Retsch AS200 analytical sieve shaker.
  • • Other equipment: Heidolph rotary evaporator, DSC 822 Mettler Toledo differential scanning calorimeter.